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Apr 28, 2020

YouTube channel authority is the key to growing a new YouTube channel if your videos can rank in YouTube you can start to get views and start to make money it’s a full cycle of YouTube channel life. If you want build authority you have to build back links to your channel website not just you videos this is...

Apr 26, 2020

Learn All About YouTube SEO In this podcast I am very focused on video marketing and a key part of this working in using youtube seo to rank inside of youtube so you can get views on your videos for free!!!

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Apr 23, 2020

This is the close of our epic high ticket sales course I really hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot.

In This episode we basically go over what we learned already and then we talk about how to close on the final call and how to pre-qualify  before the sales call ever happens.

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Apr 21, 2020

This is the 3rd episode in our epic high ticket sales saga I really hope you are learning alot and getting the most out of this course as you can.

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Apr 20, 2020

This is the second part of our high ticket series so check out the first one and keep you ears open for the next episode. There is so much power and knowledge in this mini course i hope you enjoy it.

Learn how to sell high ticket in the modern ages using funnels authority, books, SEO and so much more.

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