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Feb 22, 2020

Hello, my name is Robert Lyon. I've been a successful entrepreneur for over 10 years. I've built multiple six figure businesses and sole knocked it out. And this is evergreen tactics. This is my newest business that I'm starting and I'm super excited because it's just all about helping entrepreneurs and people like you make money online, do better business, and build incredible businesses for the long run. That's what the evergreen tactics is. When what I want to do is be able to teach you how to build a business that makes you money for the rest of your life, that you don't have to ruin your health. You don't have to stress about what you're doing and, and you don't have to constantly be working yourself to death unless you want to. Um, and it's just a really beautiful way to think about life and I'm excited to teach you the art of starting businesses that are actually beneficial to the world and that aren't hurting you and are simply making your life better because you'll be able to spend more time with family.

You'll be able to spend more time on things that you truly love. And you'll be able to be happier and just better people around for the world because you'll be doing what you love and you'll be enjoying the process of what you do and you'll just be having a good time. All right. So my name is Robert Lyon. I was born in Boulder, Colorado at a very young age as a joke. Um, but, uh, I didn't have a great upbringing, grew up poor parents, divorced. I was always special ed. Um, nobody really fucking thought much of me. And then as soon as I turned 13, I turned into a real piece of shit. And I mean, I was selling drugs, getting in fights. I had a real bad habit of people talking back and I'd punched him in the lip and I was just an angry kid.

And, uh, I got a lot of trouble with the law. Um, got court ordered and got sent away for awhile until I turned 18. When I turned 18, I got out and I joined the military. Uh, when I was in the army, I was a forward observer, uh, King of the battlefield 13 Fox trot. And, uh, we did artillery and I really loved the military, but I didn't have a very good time. Um, when I finally was deployed to Afghanistan before I was in Afghanistan though, I was stationed in bomb holder. Germany, spent two years in Europe, probably some of the most fun and most drinking I've, I did in my entire life. And then I went to Afghanistan. Um, unlike most war heroes, I don't like talking about my time in Afghanistan because I didn't have a good time. I had a lot of friends die.

And, uh, it was a very scary and just messed up part of my life. Um, I would never regret any of my military experience, but war is hell. And anybody who's been through it knows what I'm talking about. So after I got out of the military, um, I had PTSD, I was an alcoholic and, uh, I didn't have any skills to feed my family, um, at a wife and a daughter at the time and didn't have any skills other than shooting stuff and blowing stuff up. And I had a real hard time adapting back to civilian life. I just couldn't do regular nine to five jobs anymore. Um, and I really needed to make a lot of money. I was so broke and I refuse to go to the VA and, uh, I just had a lot of problems. And then as I grew up, I finally, I finally got a job in the oil field and I made a lot of money.

I was making stupid amounts of money, but I was working, you know, 20 days on, 10 days off in North Dakota, like negative 45 degree weather. And somehow when I was making more money, I was just getting in more debt because I was irresponsible. Then when I was in the oil field, you know, I was working so much, I got a divorce, so I lost my family. And then my boss, um, was working too hard and he wound up taking some painkillers and they weren't giving us enough time off and he died. And, uh, after that, I got out of the oil field and I said, you know, I'm never working for somebody again. I'll work with anybody, but I'm not going to work for other people's dreams anymore. I'm not going to spend my life energy making money for somebody else who if I died, when give a shit and just replace me within the next, you know, 24 hours.

And it really, it really hit hard that I had to figure this out. So I just devoted my life to entrepreneurship and it was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. Ah, I started doing anything I possibly could. I started a tee-shirt business in my basement. I started a a metal scrapping business with my friends where we'd have people going out to different areas and collecting scrap metal and taking it to this place and cashing it in. Uh, I, we had, I started working on farm, uh, had my own little growth thing going on, love, uh, you know, green herbs and things like that. And then I started building into this, uh, wood furniture business that I started and this, uh, chainsaw carving skills. And that's really what took my income to the next level because what I was looking for was a job that I could really take myself through school because I never did go did well in school.

But I had gotten to the point in my life where enough was enough and I had to turn my life around and I had to make a decision to truly become the best that I possibly could because I knew there was greatness inside of me. I just knew that I was doing everything wrong. I didn't, it just didn't know how to fix it back then. But what I had figured out is, um, if I start reading books and I have a problem, I can find a solution to any problem that I have through these books. So I really wanted to find a job where I could just read as many books as I possibly could. And I found chainsaw carving, as you know, it's not very relatable, but that's what I do. And I figured out how first make you know, $1,000 a month, $5,000 a month, $10,000 a month.

And I'm able to work while learning and reading books. Then while I was creating this a woodcarving business, I started making furniture and then I started to learn how to sell things online. And I started to make websites and then I started to learn SEO because I wanted to get organic traffic because I didn't have the money to run paid ads. And then what happened is I got so good at SEO and so good at selling things online that I, I couldn't carve enough product to sell. I mean I was having, I was selling so many cars, so many pieces of art and so many pieces of furniture that I just couldn't keep up with demand. And it was just me and I was trying to teach other people, but it was a different type of business and I couldn't, I wasn't quite there to where I scaled it.

So what I did is I just raised my prices a super high and so everything kind of slowed down. I'd worked out and I got started making a lot of money. I'm still too busy, still had a business then didn't scale. So, but I got so good at marketing and SEO and people started to recognize how good I was at digital marketing and creating content and you know, emails and everything else that I started to help other local businesses get on the, on Google, you know, with Google, GMB, SEO and, and start generating leads. Actually. And I did this for quite a few people and they'd be making tons of fricking money and I wasn't charging enough and I didn't, I'd get kind of disgruntled and unmotivated because I would do all this work and then they wouldn't see it for like a month or two and then boom, their business is bigger than they've ever been and they would think it's just like word of mouth.

But it was all sweat on my back and like hard work that I was doing on the side cause I was still learning but I was doing everything right. So this turned into paper lead agency. And at the paper lead agency, I kind of flipped marketing on a Ted because I was sick of cold calling people and I was tired of blasting emails and trying, I didn't want to be like everybody else doing the social media thing. So at paper lead agency, I would create a create a lead generation asset, which is a business and I, and uh, and I would rank it on Google and then the leads would call my online business and then, but it would, it would get sent to a real business. And I, I made, I got to the point where I was making hundreds of these a month and I was making tons of money in the roofing and flooring and any, any kind of home service business and chiropractors and things like that.

And he got a little burned out on that too. But I learned how to build a business fast and how to make it super successful and how to beat all the competition in that niche. And it's a super powerful. So what I'm doing now is I want to help entrepreneurs build their business for themselves though, because in the paper lead model, I was building these business assets that are all mine and then, uh, businesses would be getting the leads from it, but I want to flip it on its head and I want to actually help more people instead of just helping. Uh, I basically have them all sent out to call centers now and it just, they just send me checks every month and it's awesome and I can teach you how to do that. But I want to help real people build their businesses from the ground up with my entrepreneur coaching, with my entrepreneurs skills.

Okay. So if I had one superpower, it is to be able to take, uh, an idea and turn it into a profitable business that is booming and is generating ROI and can pay you for the rest of your life. I mean, who doesn't want that? This is great stuff that I'm going to be teaching you. And this has just kinda been my path as an entrepreneur. And I think I've evolved now to where I can really help a lot of people. So I got to do is go to my website, evergreen tactics. I want it to be your entrepreneur coach. I'm not going to break your bank too much. I'm just going to deliver incredible value and also be there for you for when it times get tough because as an entrepreneur we tend to juggle so many balls and we don't really know where to focus.

We always have our head foot facing down when we could run through our businesses to keep our heads up and think big and start to grow into, you know, seven figure businesses, nine figure businesses, and to really make an impact on the world. Okay. So if you're an entrepreneur and you want to learn some of the skills that I have, whether it's marketing, how to be an entrepreneur, how to focus, then please take a listen to my podcasts, watch my YouTube videos and reach out to me, uh, on my website, evergreen tactics. I'm just a real person and I really just want to help people. There's no nothing else. I don't have to be a crazy salesperson. If you want my help, please reach out and let's have a conversation. All right. Thank you. I think that's today video and I look forward to talking to you next time.