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Mar 8, 2021

How To Focus When There Are So Many Opportunities w/ Josaine Fortin

Josiane Fortin is a coach for multipotentialites and a self-published author. She lives in Quebec, Canada, with her husband and their two kids.
After discovering that she was a multipotentialite, she decided she needed to share all her tools with other people just like her to maximise their productivity and happiness. She has been coaching for a year now.
At the same time, she was being asked questions about self-publishing all the time, so she decided to create an online course about self-publishing on Amazon and a podcast about self-publishing.

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You can find her books on Amazon:

The One-Year Plan: How To Build Your Empire One Brick At a Time By Creating A Personal Plan

587 Affirmations for Women: Use the Power of Affirmations to Change Your Life

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