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Mar 31, 2020

Entrepreneur loneliness is real and in this episode we dive deep and talk about how to find fulfillment in the silence and really just breath and embrace the loneliness.

Mar 30, 2020

If you want to start a successful podcast you have to research, a outline and then you real have to make it all about your audience.

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Mar 28, 2020

We talk about the state of the economy and what it means for artist!

I am a artist and if the economy goes people tell me that people will stop buying art! In this episode I have a very different oppion that being a real artist doesn't matter what the economy does!

Be brave and march to your own drum!

Create real art or...

What Is Your Biggest Struggle As A Podcaster?

Mar 28, 2020

I asked podcasters what there biggest struggle was with there podcast and in this episode i answer all there questions. I show you the top 5 ways to promote there podcast and grow there podcast!

Mar 24, 2020

I'm so happy that you guys are here today.

We're going to be talking about personal branding secrets and I'm seriously pay attention.

This is, this is the coolest shit ever.

Like I just, I haven't quite worked out the name might be like personal branding formula might be impact branding, I'm not sure, but it's so...