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Sep 8, 2022

George Morris is a Certified Scaling Up Coach and lifelong entrepreneur. He found his
success running his digital agency, Imulus. Co-Founded TEDxBoulder, is a Techstars
Alumni, Mentor at the Founders Insititute, and former President of the Entrepreneur
Organization, Colorado Chapter.
George has walked the entrepreneur's journey from zero business experience and
starting up during awful economic conditions in the dotcom crash, to building a best
place to work and a fastest growing company. He happily shares his mistakes and
lessons learned with his coaching clients. George is adamant that business
fundamentals unlock the potential of teams and organizations. Too many times,
companies pile on unnecessary tasks, projects, and systems that slow down their
growth. He helps companies shed organizational debt to accelerate their growth by
focusing on the goals and the actions needed to get there.
He lives just outside of Boulder, Colorado with his two kids and can often be found

riding his bikes on the mountains and roads of Colorado.
\\ \ Zoom Room \ Scheduler \ Mobile: 303.775.4213
Owner and Scaling Up Implementer and Coach
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