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Mar 24, 2020

I'm so happy that you guys are here today.

We're going to be talking about personal branding secrets and I'm seriously pay attention.

This is, this is the coolest shit ever.

Like I just, I haven't quite worked out the name might be like personal branding formula might be impact branding, I'm not sure, but it's so powerful.

It's so legit.

I'm excited about it and we're going to be going a lot more into detail going into the future.

So I just kind of wanted to break it down for you guys.

So evergreen tactics is basically shifting and we're just going to be all about teaching skills to pay the bills, right?

That's what I love doing.

I love listening in my podcast, I like learning, I like learning video trainings and I especially like being able to pay my bills and make money.

And so what I want to do is just share with you as much as I can.

If you go to I'm building some really incredible courses, so I'm going to be selling courses, but more importantly, I actually sell services for my business, for businesses and for people out there that are trying to make a living you know, making money online and offline and all that stuff.

But I make websites, I do SEO, I do content, I do copywriting, I do email marketing, CRM, all that good stuff.

So head on over to evergreen tactics.

If you want to check it out.

We're going to go super deep into personal branding, but I just want to talk a little bit about my podcast for a second.

So my podcast is doing Epic stuff right now.

I am reaching thousands of people per episode, and I did it really fast.

And it's because I've figured out how to not only build a large audience with a podcast, but how to basically rank in iTunes.

And there's just so much potential that it's insane.

So I put together a course.

Right now it's only 37 bucks.

a dash between podcasts and promotion, but evergreen there, buy the course.

This course is probably going to go up to 300, maybe 500 bucks.

So just 37 bucks right now.

I've got pretty much all the videos in there.

I'm just kinda editing and putting it all together, but right now I'm going to blow your freaking minds with the personal branding secrets.

All right, this is really cool.

All right, let me give you the short and skinny and then I'll give you the long and the fat starts getting create, edit, publish.

I just blew your goddamned minds, right?

That's how you build a personal brand.

For personal branding, we're going to say that it's a weird five legged table right now.

And I say that because the five legs are going to be video, YouTube, audio, podcast, written blog email lists.

Cause your email list is something that you own, or it could just be your list.

You can get people's phone numbers, whatever you want to do.

And then number five is a book.

Now, why are these important?

Why do these matter?

Why, why should we really focus on these?

Well, I just want you to think about the last time that you really got excited about somebody like you. You just found out who they were and you just dove deep and you wanted to learn everything you could from them.

What did you do?

I personally, I went on their YouTube channel.

I watched all their YouTube videos.

I subscribe to their podcast, I listen to a bunch of their podcasts.

I checked out their website, you know, I opted in for their email list and I searched to see if they had a book.

That's what I do.

And I'm not the only one because that's how we consume and we connect.

And this is how we get mentors without actually being with people, you know, this is how we digitally get mentors and digitally learn from everyone.

So this is so powerful.

And it could be a lot of work, but if you have the mindset first of what you're doing and you bring your, you know, you're in the, now when you're creating your content, this can become effortless and very cool.

So what I want you to do is I want you to think about the book that is going to be your spokesperson, the book that is you, you know, like if you had to just pick one idea or concept that would represent who you are and would have impact on the world and would be beneficial, what would that be?

Because when you're, when we're doing this, we have to, first we have to think big picture.

We have to understand where we're going with our brand, you know I'm doing this.

So I'm doing exactly what I'm talking about.

And it's really growing in leaps and bounds.

I was going to start doing some speaking stuff and then this whole coronavirus thing, co puts that.

But once that's over, I'm going to get back on that.

And I really see this as like the perfect formula to really grow a personal brand.

Let me tell you why.

So I just told you that my podcast is kicking ass.

I have a big audience.

I love all you guys really appreciate it and it's monetized.

 I'm making money every episode, so I'm just going to keep doubling down on my podcast.

Next step though is I'm going to master YouTube.

Now I already know SEO, I know marketing, I know everything.

I just, I just haven't necessarily built the big branded YouTube ads.

But I mean I've done a lot of YouTube ads.

I just haven't built my own personal brand channel.

So that's what I'm going to do next.

So let's just think about this though.

So I'm going to have a YouTube channel that's monetized, right?

And then all the YouTube content that I make that is just powerful that I, I think would be better to put into a course.

I put that on Vimeo and then I hide it from Vimeo and then I put it into a course and I sell that course. And you might be thinking, well, I should be giving everything away for free.

Well, I'm not going to because if I actually charge people money for it and I can scale it, then I'm actually gonna help more people.

Because when people pay for something, they appreciate it more and they pay more attention to it.

But your main focus should be first outline your book.

And you don't have to necessarily know everything, but you do have to know how to do research.

So you don't sound like an idiot.

But one thing that's inevitably going to happen is by the time you get to the end of your book and you've researched and you've talked about and you've created all this content, you're going to realize that you know a lot more than you did when you started.

So then you can just kind of refresh everything and then you can turn that into your course, into your books, into your stuff.

But anyways, so you create this video content.

Speaking on your topic, you do keyword research, to first be able to be found by your audience.

And to get topics that your audience has questions that your audience has on this topic.

And then you list everything out in a bunch of bullet points.

And then you record your entire, your entire session.

And you can, you can, even if you wanted to, you could blast this whole thing out in like a couple of days.

Your whole book, you could just talk it all out and then you can cut up the videos, cut up the audio and cut up the blog posts and put them on the internet and then edit everything and turn it into a book.

Or you can take your time.

I'm going to try and I just have to let you know, like your, your first round of this is not going to be anywhere as good as your 10th round of this.

But you could just make one book a year and you could just do this repetitively and constantly be coming out with a movie, an audio book of paperback book and generating traffic to your website, a monetize YouTube and a monetized podcast.

And then you can book speaking gigs and start having events.

So this is the perfect storm for personal branding.

This is the perfect way to do it.

It's so righteous.

So I'm excited about it.

But you have to have a good message.

I think you have to have, I mean, a lot of people out there are already, you're established, you're bonafide, you're, you're a doctor, you're a consultant, a coach, whatever, you know, or you've just been, you know, making music or whatever that you've been doing.

But there is always something unique about each one of us that we can stand up and could benefit and other people could benefit.

Okay, now I am a creator.

That is my thing.

I am creating stuff all day.

That's what I focus on.

I'm a master of marketing because I have to, I realized that if I just create stuff without the marketing no one's gonna see it.

You know, if you make a podcast and nobody listens to it, then does it matter?

It doesn't.

So I figured, I figured out marketing and then but while I was doing marketing, I've always been a creator.

So as a creator I figured out this sequence to build a brand.

So I think that this is the greatest opportunity of like the 20th century or whatever years century written.

To build a personal brand or do what I'm doing.

So I'm hedging my bets.

I'm really going to pick one and I'm just going to totally just go all in.

But right now I love marketing and I love personal development.

So I've created two separate channels and I'm going to write two books, one for marketing and one for personal development and we'll see kind of which one goes forward.

But I'm also crazy.

I would just pick one.

If I was you, I would just like hone in on one message, one level of content to make and then just go all the way through the process where you record each chapter, every book on camera.

You turn each chapter into a podcast, boom, boom, boom.

You put the transcriptions into blogs on your website so that you can be found on Google.

You do good SEO, I can teach you how to do that.

And then from here, you're going to take all those blog articles, all the audio.

And all the camera.

So you're going to buy it like a little terabyte of space, and you're just going to save that strictly for all your content.

And then you're going to edit it all and put them all together.

And then you're going to master the art of packaging, and you're going to package a movie.

You're going to package an audio book, you're going to package a book, you're going to package your courses as well.

And you can take pictures from the videos and put them all over social media and everything else.

But we're just talking to the real basics of it.

So video, audio, written, speaking, events.

Those are like the how you reigned yourself.

This is like, there's no other way that you could possibly do it.

And you can do it with technology so much faster, so much better than you've ever been able to do it before in your life then. But then let's just, let's just think about this.

So once you have a monetized pot or monetized YouTube, paying you to put out content regularly, that's money in your pocket.

Once you have a podcast, right, that's paying you this monetize as money in your pocket.

Once you have a blog that is booming with traffic, you can monetize that.

You can sell courses, sell, merge. So whatever you want, sell your book.

And then once you have a book on Amazon, you're also, you're going to be self publishing these books by the way.

It's not, it's not very to do anymore.

And you're gonna be able to build an audience.

And if you're able to build an audience like this, if you're going to making money is just going to be like air.

Because they're all going to be in your email list too, by the way.

And then every time you come up with new content, you can just email blast them.

And that's how you'll be able to build a more of an audience and connect more with your lists, sell more books, so on and so forth.

So you just have to be able to listen to what I'm saying and then create a beautiful system and a formula to make all this happen.

Now here's my little pitch that I was thinking of doing.

So I'm gonna, I am doing this right now.

I'm going through the process, same as everybody else, but I have a team of VA's and they're helping me do this.

And I would like to help you.

So this is going to be super cool all year and a half to do is create the videos.

And then be able to send it to us.

We're going to edit your videos, we're going to turn it into a podcast.

We're going to turn it into your blog.

And then we're going to edit it eventually when it's all done into a book.

It's not going to be cheap, but I would like to work with some people that would be interested in this.

And I'm a very motivated person.

And I'm very good at what I do.

And we can just create such a cool system where I help people build their incredible brands, their YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs and books and their email lists.

I mean, God, this is just so cool.

I know how to do all of it.

The editing takes a lot of time.

It's going to, you know that that'd be the hardest part of all of it.

But editing is your best marketing.

If everything you make looks like shit, no one's going to care.

If your book doesn't make sense, no one's going to buy it.

If your podcast doesn't have good audio, no one's going to do it either.

So that is the super duper amazing brand secret personal branding formula impaction.

Aniguns that's what we're going to call it.

So I'm going to definitely keep you guys up to date on that.

I'm really into a content SEO and paid ads right now.

So I'm going to teach you guys everything that I'm learning because I mastered some awesome paid ads stuff lately where I'm paying like one to 5 cents for YouTube videos and for podcast listeners and for traffic, you know, I'm about to launch this course for podcasting.

If you guys are interested in, please reach out to me or just go to my website, evergreen tactics.

We're having the presale 37 bucks.

This again, you're going to go up probably at 500 bucks whenever it's all done.

Cause it's just so powerful because I literally teach you how to get on iTunes with your podcast and once you get on iTunes and the traffic just doesn't stop and you can really blow up your, and it's a lot easier than video editing and things like that.

And you can do podcasts anywhere.

I do sometimes I'm, I travel a lot for my, for my work and I do podcasts in the car and it sounds good cause I got good equipment and I know what I'm doing.

And then I just kind of guerrilla marketed it.

And then I also figured out how to rank it.

And you don't have to do anything else, but I'm building this audience and building this legacy, you know, for my life.

And I want to help other people do that too.

And it's just such a powerful way to do it because like I said, once you get your YouTube monetize, and we can do that real quick now, once you get your podcast monetize, once you get your blog, making you money, selling you digital products so that you're not overwhelmed or you're selling your consulting so that your phone's always working and you can focus on your high ticket offers and the sky's the limit.

I don't care if there's a fricking Corona virus, I don't care what's going on.

You know, you're going to have a tribe of people that you're going to be able to share your story, your, your ideas, your thoughts, your books, your message with all the time.

So it's a very beautiful opportunity and I'm very happy that I did it and I'm doing it right now.

I just got my book for my podcast course edited.

I just sent it off to another editor cause my, my editors from my first editors were in the Philippines and they do a great job.

But I wanted a second opinion cause I don't know how to write.

I've always been add and dyslexic.

Like I said, I'm a creator.

I like writing, but my words don't Grammarly correct.

I really hope you got a lot out of today's personal branding secrets.

Please, if you get anything out of this, share this with a friend.

This is what you guys should be doing while your corn teamed up.

You should be working with me or be working for it on yourself again.

So the things you have to start, I would start with your CRM first.

Figure out how you're going to get people on your email list.

You know what you're going to email them.

How are you going to keep your customers happy.

Cause it's all about customer relationship management.

So that's, that's how I would start everything.

I'm going to overdeliver on this, you know, then I would do a bunch of research, start figuring out what's your messages who your audiences, you have to know, you know, what does your audience like.

And you don't have to know everything right away, but you gotta have a general sense because after you, you know, have you take the first steps you can totally rebrand yourself if you want.

Once you get more clear on your, your picture, but you have to get into action.

But then after you know your message bust out an outline for your book, you know, and just do bullet points because if you script everything out, that's cool too.

But it doesn't quite come as a, this doesn't, it's not as real.

You know, podcasts, they like your authenticity.

Youtube, they like to see more real people.

I mean, they one to be edited.

They don't want ums and AHS and things like that.

But so come up with your bullet bullet point outline, you know, feel free to go into great detail because each one of those is going to become an episode.

Each one of those is going to become a chapter or a beginning of a chapter or a part of a story that you're going to tell.

And then start on your website.

If you want me to build your website go to evergreen

Click on resources or done for you services and I'll build your website for you.

I use WordPress, Wix, click funnels, Squarespace, whatever you want. And and I'm just excited to really get this going so it's not in the works, but if you guys want to get in early just feel free to reach out to me and I'll definitely cut you the best deal of your life because I really want to get this all plugged in together and working a little bit better.

So, all right, well I love you guys.

Take care. Robert Lyon, evergreen

Please share, please leave me a review on iTunes and check me out on Facebook.

And Instagram and Twitter and all that good stuff and subscribe to my YouTube channel too.