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Feb 24, 2020

How to become an entrepreneur with no money.

Don't quit your job. Don't Sue me. All that legal stuff. What I'm about to tell you is my own experience. Not saying that you're actually going to be able to do anything with your business or whatever, but if you have no money, I'm going to tell you a little secret about being an entrepreneur. You have to be able to think outside the box. And honestly, if you're starting a business, you want to be able to make money easily. All right? I know that's totally crazy. Everybody thinks it's so hard to make money. It's not that hard to make money. Go fucking sweep a goddamn room or good move. Some boxes for old people, like there are a billion things that you can do to make money, and if you're completely broke and you're starving, then get a damn job.

Don't be a fricking entrepreneur right now and you can become on later once you get a little more stable. But for going to be an entrepreneur and start it with no money. I started it with no money and I figured out a way to turn trees into money. Okay? I also learned how to make t-shirts in my basement. I learned how to scrap metal and turn it into profit and I literally just made sure that my mind was dead set on figuring out how to make my money today and then they grew into businesses. But what I found is that the absolute most value that I could contribute to the market is how I made the most money. Go figure. So if you have to become more, I become an entrepreneur with no money. Sit down and think about the most valuable thing that you can do right now to help other people see, it's not about you if you're trying to become an entrepreneur, it's about bringing the most value and value is what you give to other people.

Learn how to give your time and your energy to someone who has more money than you and you will find a way to make money, okay? You're not going to start some silicone tech company if you're broke. You're going to start by taking baby steps towards living the life you live and not having a boss, but being in charge of your own income, your own experience and your own money. Don't ask for handouts. Earn every penny and earn your own experience. See, sometimes people are first to go to, you know, these seminars or are first to go on, uh, you know, rehab things. Whereas there's other people that are paying their way to go to these courses and they're paying their way to make themselves better, to develop themselves and the people that pay and pay attention and focus, those are the people that are getting the most out of their environment.

And those are the people that are seeing things in the real world and not in a fantasy, ideal world that they're creating. So if you want to become an entrepreneur, that, and you have no money right now, all you need to do is work first of all, on your ability to communicate, okay? Because if you work on communicating that you want to make some money today and then you politely ask everybody that you know how you can make some money or help them, you're going to find a value that you can bring to the market to make some money. So the first thing is communication. Imagine if you had nothing and no money and but you always get your money from somebody else. The fastest way to get money from somebody else is to communicate that you would like to earn some money from them.

So communication is how you start all businesses. Because no matter what you're trying to sell, if you can't communicate what you're selling and what you're doing to your potential customer or buyer or whatever it is, then they're not going to know that you need the money or that you can provide this value. Okay? So the first thing with zero money, how you can start becoming an entrepreneur is work on good communication. All right? The next step is creativity. Think outside the box. Figure out a way to make some money. I see fricking guys down the road go buy oranges from Safeway and then sell them on the side of the road. And I don't know how much they're making, but they're selling them for more than they bought them at the frickin store. That's an entrepreneur though. That's someone with no money making it happen.

All right? And then there's other guys that grew up in the woods and they pick up pinyon nuts and then they sell it to you for 10 bucks a bag and it tastes like, but, but people are still buying it. All right? So be creative. There is an endless amount of opportunity if you just pull your head out of your ass and you look around a little bit, okay? Now, whenever you're trying to creatively think of an entrepreneurial business, you want to creatively look at where the customer expectations are and then you want to go there and meet the customer where their expectations are and where their expectations are going to be. These are the most important things.

And so you gotta think about what the customer's expectations are of new and better version of what they're already getting. Like if they're receiving something in the mail, they want it faster. You know, if they are trying to do something, they just want to click one button and then you've got to start thinking about like if I could do that for somebody, what would it be? What would be the easiest, most beneficial entrepreneurial venture that I could go on? All the great new entrepreneurs are also looking to create new capabilities. So it used to be about creating new products and the new marketing. Now it's about creating new capabilities with technology. That's what incredible, amazing entrepreneurs are thinking about. So these are what you want to be thinking about while you're making some money. So you have to start by getting a job or doing something to make 1000 bucks.

But if you have no money, I'm going to end this by giving you guys five businesses that you can start right now working for yourself and start making some money. So the number one, it's not necessarily business, but you can basically look on Facebook and Craigslist for the stuff that people are giving away for free or they want another house. And then you can go get that and you can sell it on eBay or Craigslist or back on Facebook. And you can start making some money doing that with no money. And if you actually start helping a moving company, I used to do this all the time and you would get a lot of crap because people are moving. They just want to get rid of everything so you can get their nice lamps, their cupboards and some couches or books, you know, all kinds of stuff, DVD players, TVs, anything you can really think about.

And then you can sell it on Facebook. And that's an easy side hustle. And then the next one is going to be, uh, my dog's eye. Next one is actually really cool. So it's an event planner. All right? So if you have no money but you're good at communication, you can start becoming an event planner. So you can get on LinkedIn or in these Facebook groups or what's up or meet up. I mean, and then you can basically get a collection of like minded people together to start thinking to, to have a meeting, basically schedule an event and then you charge everybody 10 bucks, right? So first you go on LinkedIn, you find this group, you start this conversation, the likeminded people, and then you find a reason for everybody to get together. And then you go to a restaurant or you know, a coffee shop or something like that.

And he talked to the coffee on her and be like, Hey, I really want to have a meetup of all these people. Um, and then try and convince them not to charge you any money because they're going to make a lot of money selling stuff at the venue. And then you charge everybody 10 bucks, you get a hundred people, that's an easy thousand bucks a night. And then you can just keep doing that. And that's a really cool way to start an entrepreneurial business because you're meeting people, you're meeting others that are interested in what you're interested in and you're making a little bit of money at the same time and you've no idea where all those connections are going to lead you someday. Okay, so the next thing is a tee shirts. I did tee shirts but I did it the old school way. We had like a, I got iron and iron it onto the shirts and then I had sell it though.

People nowadays you just go online, I think it's called like, I don't know, but you can, you can basically take any picture and slap it on a tee shirt. They'll charge you six bucks, you sell it for 20 bucks to somebody or he can go to your college and you can ask all the team members like I can get you these shirts for a lot cheaper than what you're getting them. And then you can just get them all printed up and you can make a little bit of money on the side. So tee shirts, hats, shoes, you can make anything now really cups. And I got to do is just be kind of a hustler. The next thing is marketing. All right? So what I used to do is I'd go to these, all these events and I had run into all these, uh, you know, people that they're just people and they'd just go to events and they sell their little weighers and their stuff.

And, uh, I met this guy who makes custom leather gun holsters and I thought they were really cool. And I explained to him like, Hey, I'm really good at selling things online. Would you like to sell some of your products online and make a little more money? And, uh, he really wasn't too crazy about it, but I talked him into it. And then I started selling his holsters online when they blew up, man, he was getting orders and he would pay me a percentage for everything that was sold online. And that's when we, you could do it. So you can go to those events. You go to the flea market. I mean like 90% of the people aren't gonna know what you're talking about or think you're just blowing smoke. But those small people that do, you can really take that and explode it. And if you have any questions on how to sell things online, reach out to me at evergreen tactics.

Um, and then the final one, uh, is cleaning. You can, uh, cleaning and then walking dogs and picking up trash. But I think you can start a cleaning business really easy and money loves cleanliness. So if you can go to put up an ad around the neighborhood or to go to local businesses and then you can start, you know, you'll clean their houses in your off hours or whatever while you're doing other stuff. And then you can also start to find more and more and get really good at cleaning people's houses. And then you hire someone to actually do the cleaning, and then you simply exploit that and you just become a really good salesman of a cleaning business where you go and clean people's houses and people are lazy, man. They really want stuff to be clean, but they don't want to clean it themselves. So that's always a really quick way to make money. So those were five things that you can start and learn how to be an entrepreneur, but no money. I hope this helps you out. If you like this stuff like, and subscribe and uh, I'll, I'll help you guys more, man. That's what I'm hearing. I'm an entrepreneur coach. I really want you to break out the nine to five and become, you know, a real human being who loves what they do and is contributing to the world. All right, goodbye.