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Feb 15, 2021

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Bryan has been working with businesses to grow and improve their sales and profitability since 2001. Bryan has been working with small to medium-sized businesses to help them grow since 2001. He has worked with hundreds of businesses in many industries, helping in the areas of cash flow improvement to staff and systems to growth by M&A. He has built a unique way of seeing opportunities for growth where many haven’t been able to. Bryan’s expertise is in helping business owners who are frustrated with not growing fast enough. He does this mainly through innovative ways to grow businesses through Mergers and Acquisitions – often with no or little capital of their own.Having worked with hundreds of businesses owners advising and helping to improve their businesses, Bryan has a breadth of knowledge and deep understanding of business that includes • Business and corporate finance • Cashflow and profitability strategies • Sales and marketing • Staffing – recruiting, team culture, management development and personality profiling • Growth by acquisition • Exit strategy and planning Bryan is currently the Founding Partner of Merger & Acquisition Solutions which helps businesses, firms and agencies accelerate their growth and leapfrog to the next level with our innovative methods of growing by Mergers and Acquisitions. As well as the creator of the program ‘Growth by Acquisitions for SME’s’ and ‘Raising Capital from the Right Money Partners’ bryan@mergeracquisitionsolutions.comStart working with me on your business-
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